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Frequently Asked Questions

A GP referral is not necessary to see us.

Depending on your health cover, Podiatry may be covered under extras. Check with your private health insurance provider to find out the level of rebate. Please consult our Fees page to find our prices and item codes when discussing this with your provider.

Please refer to the Fees page for detailed information on pricing and item codes.

Yes, Podiatrists are the only qualified health practitioners able to issue custom orthotics (also known as orthoses and insoles). Your legs and feet will be thoroughly assessed, and your condition, needs and requirements are taken into consideration before we design them for you. For the cost of custom orthotics please go to our Fees page.

Yes, however you must have both a referral from your GP and a letter from the insurance company that authorises an initial consultation and medical report.

DVA referrals from your GP are accepted, provided you are eligible for this service.

Please bring any relevant scans and x-rays, as well as orthotics that have previously been issued. If it is your first consultation or you are attending a biomechanical assessment, take your most often worn shoes to the visit.

We would like you to remove all nail polish and shellac prior to your visit.

Please refer to our Location page for more information on parking and how to find us.

We do not have a home visit service at this point in time.

We sterilise all our instruments according to the Australian Sterilisation Standards (AS/NZS 4187:2014).

Please visit the Contact page to send a message, or give us a call.

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