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At Blacktown Foot Clinic, there is no problem too great for us to fix. We take pride in our work, and love to see our customers leaving with smiles on their faces.

Knowledge is power. We believe in spending the time with you to explain procedures, provide treatment options and educate you about your condition to find the best solutions together.

General Foot Care

We provide management ranging from common problems to complex issues with your feet, such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, warts and foot pain.

Diabetic Foot Care

We take diabetes seriously, and will monitor and manage your feet to reduce risk of injury. Additionally, we liaise with your GP to manage your condition holistically.

Orthotics and Insoles

We make customised orthotics and modified footwear insoles to address your specific needs, such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis and flat feet, or sometimes simply comfort.

Paediatric Podiatry

We help look after your child’s feet by addressing a range of issues such as toe walking, growing pains and in-toeing of feet to reduce potential future complications.

Cosmetic Nail Care

We can manage your ugly toenails. Fungal infections need to be treated quickly to reduce treatment time and prevent the need for liver-damaging anti-fungal medication.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Tired of suffering from ingrown toenails year after year? Ingrown toenail surgery can help manage chronically ingrown nails to stop the pain.

General Foot Care

Are your nails too tough for you to cut? Have you given up on fixing those cracked heels? Or is that corn giving you plenty of grief? These are just some of the questions where general foot care is the answer.

Left alone, small problems can become much more serious issues which become increasingly difficult to fix. We manage superficial aspects of feet many people find difficult, painful or simply distasteful. Below are just some of the conditions which we can manage:

      • Difficult to cut nails, including thick, curved or ingrowing nails
      • Removal of hard, thick or cracked skin and corns
      • Management of warts, athlete’s foot and fungal nails
      • Painful feet

If you are experiencing any foot problems and would like them resolved, please visit the Contact page to enquire about a visit to see us.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes is becoming increasingly common within our population, and is the number one cause of amputations of the lower limb in Australia. In particular, diabetes affects the circulation, sensation and immune systems, leading to high risk foot issues.

We can help you maintain your feet and prevent untimely loss of them with regular circulation and sensation check-ups, and liaising with your doctor on a regular basis.

Management by podiatry can prevent injuries such as those caused by trying to manage nail or skin conditions yourself, as well as identifying things that could place your feet at risk, such as cracks in the heels.

Orthotics and Insoles

Do you suffer from foot pain? Apart from good footwear, orthotics and insoles may be the solution for long lasting management of foot pain. They are designed to take the stress from the ligaments and muscles in your feet by giving them appropriate support, allowing them to heal, while also preventing the issue from reoccurring. Some common problems that can be addressed with orthotics are:

      • Painful feet from standing for long hours, such as at work
      • Plantar fasciitis
      • Flat feet or high arches/instep
      • Heel spurs
      • Aching feet after activities that may overuse feet, such as long distance running

Left untreated, foot pain can have an impact on other parts of your body, such as the knees, legs, hips and spine due to the rest of your body trying to compensate that motion.

Orthotics and insoles will only be recommended when necessary, and we will always try to provide conservative options for you to consider where possible.

Paediatric Podiatry

Does your child experience pain in their feet or legs when doing activities? Are you concerned that their feet does not look right, or that they are not able to walk or move as well as their peers? An early resolution can mean the difference between having a poor and a good prognosis, and can prevent a lifetime of unnecessary suffering. We will assess your child’s foot condition, and develop an appropriate treatment regime as needed. Some childhood foot issues include:


      • Flat feet
      • Growing pains (Sever’s disease)
      • In-toeing and out-toeing of feet
      • Toe-walking

These treatments may include a combination of footwear, specific exercises or orthotics to achieve the appropriate outcome for your child.

If you have any concerns about your child’s feet, please Contact us to book an appointment.

Cosmetic Nail Care

Do you have toenails that are thickened, damaged, disfigured or have a fungal infection? We know how embarrassing it can be for you, but rest assured, we are well equipped to deal with any nail conditions you may have.

No matter whether your concern is a minor or severe issue, we can help you address it, and in the case of a fungal infection, manage it appropriately as well. This will reduce the risk of the fungal infection travelling down to the base of the nail, where strong anti-fungal medication would be required that can be both costly and harmful to the liver.

Please note, we do not paint nails as it carries a fungal infection risk.

Ingrown Nail Surgery

Are you suffering with recurring and chronic infection or discomfort due to ingrown toenails? We can help you resolve these either conservatively or through surgery, depending on its persistence and severity.

Conservatively, we can remove the edge of the offending toenail and let the nail grow out without hindrance. However, in some cases, the toenail may be so wide or curved that it is impossible for it to grow out without discomfort. In this circumstance, your toenail may need a surgical procedure which stops that portion of nail from growing again.

Please Contact us for ingrown toenail management and an assessment on whether you need a conservative or permanent solution to your nail pain.

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