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General ConsultationCostItem Code
First Visit$75002
Subsequent Visits$75014
Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) - Gold CardBulk-Billed
Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) - White CardBulk-Billed*

* If you are a White Card holder, DVA will fund Podiatry services if it is an accepted war-caused or service-related condition

OrthoticsCostItem Code
Custom Sole SupportsĀ® Orthotics (One Pair)From $500221 x2
Foot Assessment (Included in orthotics cost)$60118
Foot Imprint (Included in orthotics cost)$80301 x2
Orthotics RepairFrom $100382
Nail SurgeryCostItem Code
One Toe One Side$350546
One Toe Two Sides$400546
Two Toes One Side$700546 x2
Two Toes Two Sides$800546 x2

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